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  Yew Forest    

  Yew Tree berries    

Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, West Sussex. Date Taken: 06/11/06.

Some of these ancient yew trees are thousands of years old and are among the oldest living organisms in Britain. It felt quite eerie walking though this fascinating forest for the first time on my own, quite dark in some places on a November morning. With so many huge twisted contorted limbs reaching out in all directions. kingley Vale is a fascinating place to visit following the nature trail with so many species of butterflies and other animals to be seen seen during the summer.

Kingley Vale NNR lies within the new South Downs National Park and offers stunning views of the surrounding area, including Chichester harbour and the Isle of Wight. Covering 150 hectares of chalk grassland scrub, woodland and ancient yew forest, as well as a very important archaeological sites in Southern England.

Kingley Vale NNR Yew Tree Forest is managed by Nature England and is a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is a candidate for the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under European Wildlife Legislation. Giving the site the highest level of protection from any future development.

A recommended place to visit see the official Nature England website for more details.