Woodlouse Andy
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Common Woodlouse (Oniscus Asellus)

A very common crustacean rather than an insect as it is related to crabs and shrimps. Found in damp places under rotting logs, wood and stones in shady areas of gardens. I have a large colony of woodlouse in my garden living under a collapsed porch of a rotten wendy house which is a typical habitat for this species. They feed on dead organic material, dead plant - vegetable matter, animals fecal material and rotting wood also useful decomposers in compost heaps.

Woodlouse Tank Cleaner.

I sometimes use the Common Woodlouse as tank cleaners for my tarantulas as the woodlouse will feed on waste left by the tarantulas. Pop in a few and before long I have a colony, usually making a home in a damp area like under an overflowing water dish in the substrate. Woodlouse should not be used as a substitute for cleaning the tarantula's vivarium though.