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This picture won second prize in PICTURES2WIN Photography contest.

Comments from kind members who voted for me -

Nebula  4:11:10 - Wow so this is what a spider looks like close up looks like the aliens have landed already. You must have a good kit to be able to pick out al of the details and colours. What a complex creature it is.

Teena  4:11:10 - THAT is wicked!! Cool shot.

bobvilla  5:11:10 - wow, that is scary good!! that is cool...

Missy  6:11:10 - wow it reminds me of a starwars character. chewbacca (spelling). Great shot. Please keep this thing in the UK. Thanks.

Ned Elliott  6:11:10 - voted - GL!!

Terri Bealle  7:11:10 - oh my gosh, that is wild!!!!!!

Portomi  7:11:10 - Scary little creature! Beautiful colors! Wow!

Chris Kiely  7:11:10Oh - my God - how close up can you get?? An incredible capture. Voting now.

Minnesota Man  10:11:10 - Scary

Chris Kiely  11:11:10 - When you look at images like this, it makes you feel really, really bad when you tread on a spider, or an ant, or even kill a mosquito - they are actually like "human" beings - all have feelings, and probably sentiments like we do, in their own way. I wonder how long before Scientists tell us how much they feel when they are trodden on? This is amazing!

Chris Kiely  11:11:10 - Just a really quick question::!! How close were you, or was your camera, to this little darling??? How did you feel when you got this close (nervous, scared?). I know when you saw the end result on your computer that you would have been over the moon! But, I'm very interested in how close you need to get, and what equipment you need, to capture an image such as this outstanding one.

jholiday  11:11:10 - Amazing!

fendertong  11:11:10 - CONGRATULATIONS !

bobvilla  11:11:10 - Congratulations Andy! Well done!!

Chris Kiely  11:11:10 - Andy, congratulations on your win with this totally amazing and out of this world photo!! I still say "Wow" when I look at this.

steelydan  12:11:10 - well done on your second place, excellent detail

2nd prize

Indian Wolf Spider (Lycosa sp)