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Crystal ball by Andy
Wild Garlic650w3643

RSPB Garston Woods, Dean lane, Sixpenny Handley Nr Shaftesbury, Nikon D5000, Nikon DX 18-150mm.  1/30 f16.

 100mm Sphere resting on a camera spike, tripod, polarising filter ISO320 16/05/2005.

Wild Garlic Flowers.

I Visited Garston woods for these lovely pictures an ancient woods with carpets of Wild Garlic and Bluebells. I also photographed butterfly orchids. The only change to this picture was rotating the sphere in photoshop, the camera spike was hidden by a leaf between the spike and sphere. I was pleased with the pictures except burning a hole in my jacket from carrying the sphere in sunshine. D’oh...

High Resolution Image available from 500px Photography Website.

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