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White Spindles Fungi by Andy
White Spindles450w5752

Nikon D5000. 1/8 f11 + Integral Flash, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 03/08/12.

White Spindles Fungi

Also well known as "Fairy Fingers" I never expected to find this fungi in the middle of summer found in a sheltered forest under mixed hardwood-conifer woods next to a damp log surrounded in moss. I have archived this as (Fragilis or Vermicuaris) As there are many similar species, but I think it is Fragilis. The fungi grows in a cluster and is very fragile and brittle as I found out pulling away some twigs and tidying the area for my photography, as the slightest touch the fungi branches breaks like thin glass. It is edible but I think collecting it would be difficult being so brittle.

White Spindles450h5760

Nikon D5000. 1/60 f56 + Integral Flash, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 03/08/12.

Location: Farley Mount Country Park, Hampshire, UK.