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Tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on willow catkins in spring.

35mm Drum Scan.

S Tort Butterflyl aqua

Location: Farley Mount, Hampshire, UK. 15/08/2003.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/110 F11. +Flash, Sigma 105mm Macro lens.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Aglais Urticae)

A very familiar butterfly and a frequent visitor to my Buddleia Bush and some good years I have witnessed them feeding in large numbers on orange marigolds flowers that my father-in-law lines his paths within his garden.  They have two generations a year and hibernate as an adult butterfly. I often see them hibernating in my shed which has gaps for them to enter. Caterpillars live together feeding on Stinging Nettles.

Tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on a Buddleia flower.

Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. 02/08/2003.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/110 F19. +Flash, Sigma 105mm Macro lens.