Titan Arum Flower by Andy
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      Titan Arum Flower  (Amorphophallus Titanum)  

Worlds Largest Flower, Kew Gardens, London.n

There was a long queue to see this spectacular flower at Kew Gardens which was guarded by security guards, this monster plant does not flower every year. The father in the picture is lifting his Daughter up to look and smell the foul stench of rotting flesh that comes from the Titan flower. Also known as the “corpse flower” by the Indonesians. Insects such as beetles and bees attracted by the smell pollinate the flowers. Once the insects enter they are trapped and can only escape after the male flowers have shed their pollen, by then the spathe of the flower has withered allowing the insects to escape. Covered in pollen they will then go in search of another flower to feed and pollinate. The bright scarlet fruits are eaten by hornbills and other birds which then disperse their seeds. The giant flowers can grow over three metres high and after flowering, a single leaf emerges which also grows to a massive 6m tall by 5m across. It originates from the rain forests of Sumatra.

For more detailed information on these amazing flowers, I would recommend visiting the Kew Gardens website. Where they also announce if a Titan Arum is going to start to flower. http://www.kew.org