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Costa Tiger Rump Adult Male

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Costa Rica Tiger Rump  (Cyclosternum Fasciatum)

This beautiful spider has a red carapace and black and red striped markings on its abdomen, the females can live up to 10 years, as usual the males a lot less once matured.   
A great display spider and a lovely specimen for my photography, care has to be taken when handling one of these spiders. My spider had a very nervous temperament.

Temp: 21 to 27C   Humidity: 65 to 70%   Habitat: Terrestrial / set up.

Origin: Tropical forests of Costa Rica.    Temperament: Nervous, experienced handlers only.
Size:  10cm.


50/50 Breeding loan - not honoured by another Tarantula keeper.
Another Tarantula collector approached me asking to borrow this male for 50/50 breeding loan, I had not done this before and thought it would be a good idea. So I sent my young healthy male Tiger Rump spider in the post, the same spider in the pictures which I reared from a very tiny sling. At first, the spider keeper did keep me in touch, so he received it ok. Well, I waited for a few months and nothing and when asked by e-mail how my spider did, all my e-mails were ignored. So I did a google search on his name and Tiger Rump. To my surprise I  found him offering a male Tiger Rump for sale or breeding loan.  This was posted two months after sending my spider to this person.
I will be very careful in future sending my spiders on a breeding loan, unless I know that the person involved can be trusted. Andy Newman Images©  30/09/10.

Because he was a member I contacted the British Tarantula Society who set up the breeding loan idea and I was told they cannot police it only advise, so it can only be done on trust. I lost interest with the Tarantula Society after that.

In June 2011 I was contacted by another Tarantula keeper who has had similar treatment by this person. I am not naming him but I have kept his details. 11 July 2011.

e-mail frpm Mrs Yvonne Woolley. 22nd April 2012

Dear Mr Newman,

I hope that you do not mind me contacting you, BUT!! As I came across your site when searching out any breeding details on the Mexican Tiger Rump Tarantula Cyclosterernum fasciatum as I have a collection of tarantulas myself, my lady has just matured, anyway I saw you note about M/ Males on loan, goodness me I have let 7 males out myself and yes the same thing has happened to me!!!!! How distressing this has become, now as I only wish to breed a few of my ladies  I have decided I would rather the males stay with me until they die. I have tried to get it more noticed myself but no one seems bothered at all, I then thought that letting 3 males go out on loan or as a gift in one case to a spider club I would be kept informed of the males progress But!!! Nothing , It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth, as I welcome people into my home and everyone is so grateful bla bla bla , and as soon as they have left Nothing.What a shame these people can,t be named and shamed as it really is not fair, not only for the act itself but if like myself you care about your spiders you or I know I do worry just how they are being treated.

Sorry to be on the end of my rant but I know how you feel and there must be many many more people such as ourselves.

Take care and all the very best.

Mrs Yvonne Woolley.

P.S I have just purchased an SLR camera myself , but when I see your photographs all I can do is wonder how the heck you do it , thank you for the pleasure of allowing me or us to see them and well done and keep it up.

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Picture showing the Pedipalp used for male sperm storage and tibial apophysis or tibial hook.