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Children admiring the human tower statue

Statue of musicians playing

Tarragona Human Tower Statue.

I was on holiday with my family in Salou and we just got on a coach to go to the Tarragona market, which was a popular place to visit near the market by accident I came across this brilliant statue.
I recognised this statue from pictures I had seen in my photograph magazines and always wanted to photograph it.

It is celebrating a 'Castell' or human tower which originates from dance groups from the 17th and 18th century. To this day during the santa Magi festival held in Tarragona mid-August you see live human castles being constructed.

The towers are constructed by a dance group of people called Castellers who belong to groups called Colles and compete against other groups to try and build the highest and most complex human castle or pyramid, each casteller has his own position and name.
Different parts of the tower have names, the base of the tower which is called a 'Pinya' which is the strength of the structure holding most of the weight and also the area around the base acts as a soft buffer for anybody unfortunate to fall. The Tronic or trunk which has many levels of people varies depending on the complexity or type of human castle being built. The top three levels known as the 'pom de dalt'  the 'anxaneta' which is the very tip, is where a very brave young child climbs the tower and salutes the public.
Around the Castell there are musicians playing to music, this has also been replicated around the statue with musicians playing the flute and drums, etc.
  This is really a very impressive statue, everybody who sees my picture  thinks it is a war memorial as I did at first.   Date of pictures taken 08/09/09. Andy Newman©

Family having pictures taken in front of the human tower statue

Human tower statue, street background replaced with trees.