Sycamore Moth by Andy
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Sycamore Moth (Acronicta aceris)

I found these very attractive caterpillars feeding my Acer trees growing in my back garden in Hampshire, UK. They also feed on other deciduous trees like Sallow, Horses-Chestnut, Field Maple and Oak. Sometimes I find the moths in my moth trap. This species can often be brought from insect suppliers bred for the very pretty caterpillars as the light grey moth is rather dull in comparison and is often overlooked. Worldwide Butterflies in the UK often sell this moth as eggs or larvae. This moth is one of the most beautiful caterpillars I have ever photographed, and would even buy some in the future just to have digital collection rather than film scans. It overwinters at the pupae stage.

Andy Newman Images© 11/11/11.