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Stout legged by Andy
Stout Leg Baboon Spider550h2479

Stout Legged Baboon Spider.

(Eucratoscelus Pachypus)

The first thing you notice about this spider is its back legs and abdomen which are covered in long bushy hairs given it a feathery appearance. The burrows it made are very impressive loads of vertical holes which all connect horizontal, a mole would be impressed. When I open my spider's enclosure if the spider is outside its home is does not run and hide, just sort of freezes. Usually, it's facing downwards guarding and blocking its home with its hairy legs. It looks odd but its normal behaviour for this species, something I want to film soon. When filming it for the first time as a young juvenile I was pleasantly surprised of how the golden it was in sunshine or using a flashgun. This spider has a reputation for being difficult to breed in captivity. I don't think this is a spider you should handle especially being an Old World species even if it looks and behaves calm. I think this spider is going to be exciting at feeding times when it's older.

Adult size: 13cm

Temperature  24 to 28C

Humidity: 50 to 60%

Habitat: Terrestrial / Burrower.

Growth rate: Slow.      

Longevity: ?

Origin: Tanzania

Temperament: Relatively calm for a baboon spider.

Stout Leg Baboon Spider550h2483