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Stourhead house is based on a 16th century Venetian villa designed by the renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.

Stourhead house National Trust, Wiltshire.

While I was walking around the gardens and lake I did pass a few very static landscape photographers stood next to their tripods. They reminded me of living street statues saluting the sky. They were patiently waiting for glimpse of the sun shaft bursting through the clouds. Waiting for that special photograph of the golden Autumn colours of the trees reflecting across the lake. Well I cannot really take the mick, that's me in the New Forest except nobody can see me.  I did not take my tripod because I was with my wife but I did take a few snap shots, over 300 pictures actually. I retouched my pictures in Photoshop then batch edited a second version in a HDR software, which is a selection of the images you are seeing. Hope you enjoy them.