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10cm Juvenile.

Socotra Island Blue Baboon Spider (Monocentropus balfouri)

This attractive spider is metallic blue from the tibia to the end of its legs, and blue/ silver carapace the femur and the abdomen is a light sandy beige with brush-like bristles. This is a burrowing species so I first persuaded him or her to start its home under half a coconut shell. It now lives under a log being a heavy webber it has lined its home with a thick carpet of silk. The first weekend I checked my young spider it was still nervous and escaped its housing at an incredible speed, which is typical for a baboon spider. I thought it had run up my sleeve, luckily it hid in a space under its housing. It was two weeks before it settled down and started feeding. It has calmed down now and spends much of its time just outside one of the entrances of its tunnel which is also lined with thick silky web. It retreats into its home when I disturb it but not completely out of sight. I purchased this lovely spider from entomological supplier Virginia Cheesman I paid 45 for mine which measured about 3cm.  Prices are dropping because this spider has become more popular and stockists captive breeding.
The contrasting colours of blue and beige with bushy hairs make this a gorgeous spider to have in a collection. And a lovely spider for my photography, although it would only keep still for a few seconds during filming. I usually take more pictures when the spider reaches maturity but this spider looks nice even as a small juvenile.

This species of spider won the best in show at the "British Tarantula Society 2014" articles made the press and the National Geographic. A trophy to be proud of and good for a Tarantulas breeder's reputation.

Adult size: 12-15cm looks attractive

Temperature  24 to 28C

Humidity: 60 to 65%

Habitat: Terrestrial / Burrower. (Semi-desert climate)

Growth rate: Medium.    

Longevity: Females up to 30 years, males 6-8 years.

Origin: Socotra Island of the coast of Africa.

Temperament: Fast, shy can be defensive.

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