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Small Blue Butterflies, mating pair.

Small Blue Butterflies, mating pair, darker female, right.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/110 f16, flash, Sigma 105mm Macro. 06/06/04.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/110 f11,flash, Sigma 105mm Macro. 06/06/04.

Small Blue Butterfly (Cupido Minimus)

I still remember photographing this butterfly for the first time after finding a colony on chalk hill grasslands although I knew what species it was it still surprised me how small these tiny butterflies are. I remember being careful where I placed my feet when filming as they looked so delicate. Filmed on chalk hill grasslands on patches of Kidney Vetch flowers, which is their foodplant. There are two generations in a good year.

 Location: Farley Mount, Hampshire, UK.

Small Blue Butterflies, Female.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/90 f13, flash, Sigma 105mm Macro. 01/06/03.

Small Blue Butterflies, mating pair.

       FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/110 f16, Integral flash,       Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 06/06/04.