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7cm Juvenile

Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus murinus)

This lovely tarantula has very striking skeleton striped markings down its legs from which it gets its name. Its forelegs are long and flattened so this spider can flick its urticating hair from its pedipalps. Unlike other spiders which flick hairs from their abdomen. I only see this spider outside its burrow occasionally because it is a burrowing species and needs a deep substrate to burrow, so it does not make a very good display spider. I did decide to sell my spider but after checking the spider was in good health it looked so stunning with its attractive markings that I changed my mind. I just cannot sell it, some people do hand/ tame these spiders but they can be aggressive and I have enough problems with swollen finger joints and painful cramps from my Arthritis so I am not going to risk it. When I occasionally film it outside it shows its fangs at first but soon calms down and has never flicked hair at me.

Temp: 22 to 25c.  Humidity: 70 to 80%.
Habitat: Burrowing species
Origin: Surinam, Lowland Forests of Guyana, and Northern Brazil, etc.
Temperament: aggressive.
Size: 12 - 15cm. 
Longevity: Females up to 15? Years.

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