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Shieldbugs Beetle Andy

Green Shieldbugs Eggs (Palomena Prasina)

Nature’s Smilies

Original picture of Eggs 

I was checking the leaves on my poplar trees which I grow in my garden for attracting hawk moths when I found a batch of eggs. Only when I looked under a powerful magnifying glass I recognised them as beetle eggs probably from a green shield beetle. The nymphs inside the eggs looked to me like smileys or little aliens. I had to use a lot of extensions on my camera as most of these very small eggs will fit on a pinhead. So I laid my camera, bellows, macro lens and flashgun on my patio table and held the leaf still with a crocodile clip.

Green Shieldbugs Mating (Palomena Prasina)

         Hawthorn Shieldbug           (Acanthosoma Haemorrhoidale)


Called shield bug because of the shield-like shape of the adults also known as "stink bugs" because the adults and nymphs have stink glands so they can excrete a foul-smelling liquid that is used to deter predators or carelessly handled. Shield bugs have piercing mouthparts to suck sap from plants.

Green Shield Beetles350h2

Cluster of young beetle nymphs on a silver birch leaf