Sexton Beetle  Andy
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Common Sexton Beetle (Necrophorus Vespillo)

An attractive burying beetle with distinctive orange markings on its wing cases, I often see these interesting beetles under corpses of dead animals when out filming. These beetles are undertakers of the insect world cleaning up the forest floor of dead animals like small mammals and birds. A group of beetles will be able to manage a larger animal I found six beetles burying a dead pigeon and to my surprise four dung beetles. They can find a dead corpse from a distance using their sensitive antennae then they dig under the corpse creating 'crypt' and roll the corpse into a ball. The female lays eggs near the corpse and the male and female even feed the young larvae when hatched.

I have noticed when disturbed the beetles make quite a loud rasping noise it sounds like a thumb rubbing along a comb, they probably communicate this way and as a defense they also leave foul-smelling liquid when handled, which could be toxic, it smells like a rotten animal. I like these beetles but I would not want to share a meal with them.