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Peruvian Or Amazonian  Giant Centipede    (Scolopendra Gigantea)


Centipedes are aggressive and poisonous most reputable dealers will warn you and will ask you to reconsider your purchase. As I found out many years ago it is easy to buy a Centipede at an insect show with no questions asked, you do not want your child bringing one of these critters home. Centipedes are very strong and incredible fast, their venom is medically significant and so a bite to the hand can be very painful a bad reaction can cause pain shooting up your arm and chest. When moving or filming my Centipede I always used very long forceps, never taking my eyes off it having my camera already set up first. You will need a suitable size enclosure which is very secure as they are very good escapologists squeezing through the smallest gaps, mine even chewed through galvanized metal mesh gauze strip at the back of my tank. If your Centipede did escape it would probably turn up years later and much larger. Humidity, warmth and ventilation are also important.  Centipedes are also long-lived, living 10 to 30 years. So there is plenty to think about, so do your research and be prepared before you commit to buy.

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