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As we were on a coach trip around Barcelona, we only had enough time to walk around the cathedral. I wish I had a wider lens because of the Cathedrals massive size, its the shear height of the towers which amazed me. I could easily have spent all day taking pictures of the Cathedral, I cloned out the tall cranes in some of my pictures, as the tower is still not finished but even the cranes are part of its history.
If is worth reading the story in detail about the great architect Gaudi, it is a fascinating story. The Cathedral is a centrepiece to his architecture designs scattered around the city.  Construction of the 20th Century Roman Catholic Church started in 1882 and expected to be completed by 2030. When it is completed the Cathedral will have 18 Towers, each representing different religious figures. The tower representing Christ will be the highest reaching an incredible 170 meters tall. The Cathedral has two sides one representing the birth and the other the passion and resurrection of Christ; each hollow tower will include various types of bells. It is very difficult to describe the history and the architect of this magnificent Cathedral in just few words. Even Gauli's sad death at the age of 73 was dramatic, run over by a tram and badly injured, many taxi drivers refused to take him to hospital thinking he was a tramp because of his ragged appearance and no money. When friends eventually found him, he refused to be moved to a nicer hospital, wanting to die amongst the poor. He died on 10th June aged 73. And was buried inside the cathedral.
Much of Gaudi original plans were destroyed under Franco's rule, so the cathedral has been constructed keeping to his style as much as possible in these modern times, using concrete instead of stone for the new towers for example.
It is the detail in the architecture which fascinated me, especially the sculptures within the towers and did manage some close up pictures with a long lens for some areas.
I think La Sadrada Fanilia is astonishingly beautiful, who at this day and age could possibly design something so unique. It is very strange but nice to see such a old looking building still being built by modern cranes and technology, instead of the many modern buildings we have become accustomed to. Date pictures taken 11/09/09.  Andy Newman©