Round Mouthed Snail Andy
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Nikon D5000. 1/100 F11. Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Integral flash. 07/07/12.

Round Mouthed Snail (Pomatias elegans)

Also known as "land winkle" this snail reminds me of seashells found on our beaches as it is related to marine periwinkles, especially with its protecting hard cap or door which is called an operculum, meaning little lid.

You know you have found something special when you hold one these snails with its attractive reticulated patterning around its whorled shell and they feel solid and heavy for their size. I only have ever found this snail singly hiding under logs on the chalky limestone soils of Farley Mount in Hampshire. So I was pleased to find so many under one log which I carefully replaced after filming.  I wanted to see one actually moving as they almost walk on there heal, not a sliding motion like other snails which is why they are also known as "The Shuffler” but unfortunately there was no activity from any of the snails with the doors of all the snails firmly shut. Protecting the snail from predators, desiccation and annoying wildlife photographers like me. A lovely snail to find in the wild and hopefully one day I will see one on the move.

Red List status, critically endangered (CR).

I found a nice blog about this snail on a website by Mel LIoyd (Flora Cantiaci) a brilliant detailed article, pictures and a movie showing the snail shuffling across a path.