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Rose Chafer Beetle Andy

Rose Chafer Beetle (Cetonia Aurata)

Location: New Forest National Park. Date: 09/07/05

When filming in the New Forest I often hear these lovely beetles before I see them flying past me as they do emit a loud buzz and sometimes I see females flying around rotten tree stumps looking for a suitable place to lay their eggs. They fly with their outer wing case down with only their membranous wings beneath used for flying.  They certainly look different from any other beetles I have seen in flight. It is a very exotic looking beetle, bright colouration of iridescent emerald green bronze colour.

I decided to try and find where the adult beetles were feeding after about an hour searching around the area from where I had seen the beetles flying I found some wild rose bushes in a clearing in the forest. Many of these beetles were visiting the flowers to feed and I stayed most of the morning taking pictures. I was using both 35mm transparency film and my digital camera. Growing through the center of one rose bush was a wild honeysuckle flower and occasionally the beetles would land on the flower. Where they seem to bite the bottom of the flowers petals, so I was able to get some interesting pictures. I read on the web somebody asking how to stop these beetle eating her roses, well they can eat my roses any-day, all I get is black fly.

Rose Chafer beetles are on the wing from May to October.
The larvae live in decaying plant material such as rotten tree stumps, wood, compost, and peat. the larvae are like earth worms and can make very good compost.