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Rock Pool - Andy Newman Images©

I started this image with a background of sea anemone taken in a rock pool in south of France. I used a Sony Cyba-shot underwater digital Camera and just held it in the pool until I got the shot I wanted.
The Sea horses created from a horses head and a photo of a fish from my sons tropical fish tank. The fish was then distorted in liquify for the shape with plastic wrap for texture and then fins added which were also distorted.
The starfish is a toadstool which is also shaped in liquify.
The large fish was created from an Owl butterfly wing the eye is from a real fish and fins added then distorted into shape.
The mermaid was originally a baby photograph of my daughter, each fish scale was laid over the baby separately.
The eyes were scaled larger and the fingers were distorted longer and the web between the fingers and ears were created from the caudal fin of a fish. A shell was then added to the mermaids head and retouched to green. The body of the mermaid is just a fish distorted in liquefy.

All the shells were collected from beach photographed with my Fuji digital camera.
Shadows were also created with the burn tool and by distorting a live selection then adjusted in curves.
The anemone tentacles were then cut out and copied onto a higher layer to overlap some areas.
The reflection was created in a photoshop plug-in called Flood.

Sony Cyba-shot underwater digital Camera, Fuji S1 Digital camera, OSX Panther, Photoshop CS1