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Rio the One Show Howler

Every time the One Show starts our young dog Rio a Flat-coated Retriever barks then howls, maybe there is a pitch in the sound, trumpets or he has just got to know the sound. If he is in another room he comes running. He also sings to Neighbours,  Holby City, the Grand Prix theme tunes and Police sirens. He has us in stitches, he is a very lovable dog and everybody who meets him loves him.

YouTube Link Rio howling to the one show.

Rio - Flat-coated Retriever - Andy Newman Images©


Rio and Toby the Tortoise

We can usually find our young Tortoise when he is in the garden as Rio follows him, they are friends.

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Rio and Toby the Tortoise

 Flat-coated Retriever and a Tortoise.

An excited dog with wagging tail jumping up and down running round and round, my friend is awake from his very long sleep. Sliding him along with large paws, why don't you play with me and run up and down. Tortoise replies bobbing its head and waving his legs I am slower than you, so I will live longer than you but I will be your friend forever and ever even in heaven.  Andy Newman Images©