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Richmond Park by Andy

Richmond Park

These lovely photographs are from just one day visiting Richmond Park and I did not even travel far from my car. It is a National Nature Reserve and has been designated as a site of special Scientific Interest and covers 2500 acres.
 After dropping my wife and Daughter off at the local railway station I drove through the gates leading to the park, the contrast from the town to the park was quite a shock. The park is completely surrounded by human habitation. It reminded me of a safari park as the first thing I noticed was young children watching herds of deer grazing from just a few feet away, while families picnicked on the riverbank watching deer drinking from the other side of the river. Cyclists, joggers and even rollerbladers were using the road that circles the park.  I even photographed one stag holding up the traffic, while cyclists rode past as it crossed a river bridge, while its accompanying doe's not so brave crossed the river. There are over 350 Fallow deer and 300 Red Deer at the park; the continuous grazing from these animals has shaped the park's landscape and its unique grassland habitat. Richmond Park has a colony of green Indian Parakeets. They can be seen flying through the park looking very exotic with there long fork tails, I could hear the incredibly loud screeching. When I was sat on the riverbank one young child ran to his mum and dad shouting he had seen a green Parrot near the river, they told him not to be silly.

There are many other attractions at the park including Horse riding, the Isabella Plantation famous for its landscape gardens, and I was impressed with the many gardeners working in the gardens. Roehampton Café which serves a range of snacks, with indoor and outdoor seating. Pembroke Lodge a Georgian mansion with 13 acres of grounds, garden seating and licensed to sell alcohol. Also Refreshment Points can be found around the park, this a beautiful place to visit, and suitable for all ages.