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Chilean Rose feeding on a locust

Red Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola Rosea)

Another colourful spider recommended as a first spider for a beginner and very popular with the hobbyists being very hardy to keep. After receiving this sub-adult spider in the post it settled in very fast as the following morning it was eating crickets. A lovely spider to own and a great display spider only sometimes sits in its flowerpot. It pounces on its live food very fast using long tweezers expecting the food. Aggressive only when feeding so safe to handle, although you should keep handling all tarantulas to a minimum.

It is common for the Chile Rose to stop eating during the winter months, my spider has started fasting early November now the end of February. It was still not interested in food and this female is resting in the coolest area of its enclosure away from the heat pad, stuck to the outside of the glass. Any food offered that does not get eaten is taken out so the spider  is not disterbed.  It is important to keep its water bowel fresh and filled, although I have only seen and filmed her drinking once.  

Longevity: Slow growing and long lived 15-20+ Years.

Origin: Northern Chile.   
Temperature: 20 to 26C.
Humidity: 60 to 70%
Temperament: Very docile.
Lifestyle: Terrestrial/ Burrower.
                    Adult size:  Up to 15cm                        

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Red Chilean Rose Tarantula Drinking from water dish

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