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Orange Bity Thing.

(Pterinochilus murinus)

Also known as a Mombasa Golden Star-Burst Baboon Spider, named after its star-burst markings on its carapace. This lovely African spider lives on the dry savanna scrublands and they line their burrows with silk. The golden colours of this attractively marked African spider really show under sunlight or flash from a camera.  I have plenty of pictures showing this spider showing its fangs ready to strike, as it was the most aggressive spider I have ever owned. When filming I would not take my eyes off it. Because just reaching down to my camera bag to change a lens it would often have vanished from the log or plant prop I was using and it would be running very fast across my lawn. It would then spread out its legs with its fangs out thrashing when trying to capture it. I wish I still had this spider but I needed the space for others and I had taken so many pictures. This spider should never be handled, as its venom could be ‘medically significant’ to some people. Pictures above are definitely all from one spider, as somebody told me it was two species.

Temp: 70 to 85f.   Humidity: 55 to 70%.

Habitat: Terrestrial, Arboreal Old World species / Semi-dry highlands to humid climates - Adaptable.

Origin: From highlands of Kenya to South Africa     Temperament: Very aggressive and fast.

Size: 17cm.  Longevity: Females up to 12 Years.

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