Poplar Hawk by Andy
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Poplar Hawk Moth - (Laothoe Populi)

Poplar Hawk moth pair which copulated for two days.

The light coloured poplar hawk moth in this picture above is the female which I protected from an egg found wild in my garden and reared in a sleeve the following year when the resulting moth hatched on the 11/05/12. I carefully placed the female into the center of a large weeping willow tree growing in my garden, so it was well protected and camouflaged from being found by birds. I noticed the following morning the female had successfully attracted a wild male. Usually if you disturb an infertile female she will fly to a new location so it's nice to see the pair mating. I would not have shown this picture if it was not for the interesting observation made of the pair mating another night only on the third evening did the pair finally part company. The female to lay her eggs and the male will look for another female. I have never seen this behaviour before and the nights were not very cold. 

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