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10cm Juvenile.

Pichidangui Blue Beauty Tarantula
(Euathlus sp.)

I have always wanted to buy one of these exciting tarantulas ever since seeing a picture and reading the interesting story of how it was tracked down. The supplier sold out the first time I tried to buy one and when I did it was not a good start as I missed the postman and he did not leave a card so the poor thing spent a week stuck in the post. But no harm was done as soon as I got it home and placed it in its container the spider made up for it by capturing and eating as many crickets as it could carry in its fangs. These spiders have a metallic navy blue femurs but on my young specimen, there is only a hint of blue which only shows in bright light, but does have orange flame markings on the knees they also have fluffy silver hairs on the carapace and long red fluffy hairs on the abdomen. Making this a very attractive tarantula, so I am looking forward to its next moult. It is fairly new to the hobby and I have noticed on the web many collectors asking for care sheets. As expected for a Chilean spider it has shown no aggression towards me. What I did not expect is the spider being so lively especially when handling for my photography, when placing it on my Wheelbarrow of growing moss which I keep for filming it just keeps moving and quite fast. I ended up flicking my fingers and waving at it like a demented Idiot, even then it only stopped for a fraction of a second. It already spends some of its time sitting outside or on top of the artificial hide I have provided. This spider is one of the largest stockiest tarantulas to be found in Chile and looking forward to watching it grow to a colorful adult specimen.

Temp: 22 to 26c.  Humidity: 50 to 60%.
Habitat: Terrestrial.
Origin: Chil.
Temperament: Skittish and fast.
Size: 13 - 15cm. 
                                         Growth rate: ????.                                         

Purchased from  - www.thespidershop.co.uk

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