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Pearl Bordered Fritillary Butterfly (Clossiana Euphrosyne)

Plustek 7300 35mm Film scan.

These butterflies breed in discrete colonies in small woodland clearing. It was such a place I photographed these Pearl  bordered butterflies in a forest which is managed by the Forestry Commission at Farley Mount, Hampshire. These small areas are oases for wildlife I also photographed the small Bordered Fritillary and the Grizzly Skipper for the first time in the same place. I watched them for a while flying around me, one even landed on my hand tasting my sweaty hand with its tongue.
This pretty butterfly gets its name from the pearls bordered edges that run along the outside of the wings. The butterflies hatch from late April to July. The caterpillars feed primary on Dog-Violets and sometimes Heath Dog and Marsh Violets. This species hibernate through the winter as eggs which hatch out in the spring.


Location: Farley Mount, Hampshire, UK. 26/06/2005.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/430 F56 +Flash, Sigma 105mm Macro lens.