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I spent ages watching and filming paragliders landing at Olu Deniz taking off from 6000 feet up in the mountains, I watched with amazement to see some doing acrobatics and flying in formation. I think it takes about half an hour drive to the summit and about 20 minutes flight time landing on Oludeniz promenade, flying tandem with experienced pilots. You do not jump off the edge of a cliff but are gently lifted into the air, and most of the landings I watched were gentle. It was amusing to see some of the pilots landing at the end of the street shouting " excuse me"  "sorry" at the startled tourists shopping who had to move quickly out of the way. It must be a lovely way to see the Mountains the Blue Lagoon, Fethiya and Oludeniz. On my last day I just put my camera away when I witnessed a paraglider crash land in the sea in front of us, he was rescued quickly, they must have procedures for crashing in the sea but it would put me off a bit.


Paraglider which has crash-landed into the sea being rescued by boat.