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Panama Blond Tarantula  (Psalmopoeus Pulcher)

The Panama blond is a well-known arboreal spider, liked because of its size and colour.  Its carapace and legs are various shades of light gold and bronze colours with a striking black abdomen with long feathery looking legs and orange tips on the tip of the Tarsus.

When I opened the parcel and released the panama spider, I bravely let her walk over my hand and I was not surprised to see it waving its fangs in disapproval but did not bite me. It then took off at very fast speed across my kitchen floor, ok because I opened the parcel on the floor. These spiders do not flick hair so more likely to bite if they feel threatened. It settled in very quickly into its new arboreal set up and rests with its legs hanging over the edge of a hole inside a tall log. Over the next few weeks the young female Panama Blond spider lined the edges of the log and hole entrance with moss collected from the floor of its new home. The first time I filmed my spider she put up with a lot of handling from me and did not show any aggression towards me. Looking forward to filming it after its next moult.

Temp: 26 to 28c. 

Humidity: 70 to 75%.?

Habitat: New World arboreal tarantula

Origin: Panama.

Temperament: Slightly aggressive if threatened. Very fast.

Size: 10-15cm.

                  Growth rate: Medium/ Fast.                    

                Longevity: Females up to 20 years.   Males shorter after maturing?

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