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Palm Moth Andy
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 Location -Lassi hill in Kefalonia  Date taken 10/06/2015.

Palm moth (Paysandisia Archon)

On the last day of our holiday while waiting to vacate our department in Lassi Kefalonia I decided to walk around the hotel gardens to film a European Swallowtail. Well it was midday and very hot when this very large fast flying moth flew around me and a large palm tree. I could tell it was a fresh specimen being in such prime condition. It was quite noisy in flight and I thought it was a hawk moth until it landed being such a powerful flyer. When it landed on the palm it flashed its bright under-wings and I could hear loud clicking noises, very quickly a male arrived. First the male flew around me and the palm tree and landed in front of the female. They were facing each other with lots of noisy flashing of wings then they walked around in circles with the male following. Eventually the female moved into the shade of the large palm tree and the pair copulated in front of me.  It was difficult to get a good position inside the palm but did manage to take a few pictures in the short time I had left with my G1X compact with close up filters and my iPhone.
The large larvae which are maggot-like looking like a beetle larvae feed in the stems and trunks of palm trees. This moth is a serious pest, sometimes causing fatal damage to palm trees.

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