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The pretty pink Bee Orchid has developed a shape like a bumblebee to encourage the male bumblebee to try and copulate with the flowers, which will pollinate the plant. Although its usual method of pollination is by self-pollination.

Bee Orchids flower between June and July.

Bee Orchid (Ophrys Apifera)

Orchids by Andy

The fly shape orchid emits a pheromones to attract insects, especially the male digger wasp which pollinates the flower. The orchid even has two shiny blobs at the base to mimic the eyes of a fly and what looks like antennas above. The flower is brown with an iridescent blue stripe across the centre and the outer petals are green. Every time I see one of these lovely flowers it reminds me of hanging teddy bears.
Where the bee and fly orchid grow close together hybrid flowers do occur. The photograph of the Bee Orchid and Fly Orchid shown above were found
within feet of each other at Farley Mount, Hampshire, UK.

              Fly Orchid               

(Ophrys Tnsectifera)

The Butterfly Orchid is mostly pollinated at night as its strongly sweet smell attracts different species of moths. Farley Mount, Hampshire, UK.

  Butterfly Orchid     (Platanthera Chlorantha)