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Orange Tree Spider

(Tapinauchenius gigas)

I reared my spider from very small and when it matured I purchased a plant especially for filming. It was fairly calm when I was taking pictures except for running up my long tweezers very fast which is why this bright orange spider is not so suitable for beginners. I keep this spider in a tall Exo-Terra© glass terrarium but I have fixed a sheet of plastic with holes under the mesh lid, this protects the spider from getting its feet hooks getting trapped and helps keep humidity. I am keeping a slightly moist substrate on the floor with moss on top and a hollow log to hide in although spends some of its time resting outside. I have fixed a budgie feeder bowl to the top of the log as a water dish which is ideal for an arboreal spiders.

Adult size: 13cm

Temperature  24 to 28C

Humidity: 75 to 80%

Habitat: Arboreal

Growth rate: Medium maturing 2+ years.      

Longevity: Females 15 years - Males 3 to 4 years.

Origin: French Guyana

Temperament: Very fast.

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