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FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/60 F11, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Integral flash. 07/05/2007.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/45 F11, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Integral flash. 07/05/2007.

Orange Tip Butterfly (Anthocharis Cardamines)

Plustek OpticFilm 7300 35mm  Neg-Film Scan.

For me the Orange tip is one of the most frustrating butterflies I have tried to photograph. The butterfly is always on move only stopping briefly. I have lost count the number of times I have got my camera ready to take a picture.

It is only the male which has the bright orange tips on the forewings that give this butterfly its name and in flight the female can easily be mistaken for other white butterflies. Adults are on the wing from April to June and usually only one generation a year. The Caterpillars are known to be cannibalistic with their own species. They feed on a variety of plants, primary garlic mustard, lady's smock and also sweet rocket. The adult butterflies can be seen flying everywhere really except in front of my camera.

Location: Stoke Park Woods, Bishopstoke Forest Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK.