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   Malaysian Giant Orange Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis Modesta)    

Although this spider looks scary it is in fact very docile and has put up with a lot of handling from me for my photography. It does rely on its speed to get away and even when cornered it has not shown any aggression. it rests crab-like when settled, and when it gets up to move it looks amusing and clumsy, but it can move incredibly fast. It was not until the spider was larger when it started jumping as well, being long-legged and light, it can jump quite a distance and always seems to know where it is going. When filming in my garden, it jumped from a log, then swung from a chair and to my tripod like a gymnast. Another time I was chasing it around my kitchen after taking some pictures and my daughter walked in and said "Dad that is the ugliest spider I have ever seen" well I don’t think so. A very interesting spider to own and a great talking point if you don’t mind a large spider running up your arm very fast and resting on your shoulder, I would not handle it in a shed or a cluttered room, for fear of losing it.