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My wife and one of the lovely local dogs in Oludeniz.

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These beautiful dogs seemed to have freedom of the town in Oludeniz there were three golden retrievers and a few other dogs, they deserve a medal for being the best behaved dogs I have ever seen and for making people happy. Every shop keeper restaurant owner would say hello and I did not see any of the dogs cadging for food at the restaurants. Late in the evening one of the retrievers would be spread out laying on the grass next to the security guard just inside our hotel resort, we were told it belonged to hotel. To cool off in the heat during the day dogs would go for a swim in the sea. I watched one of retrieves chasing one of the local cats along the promenade, but more of a game than a serious chase. The dogs all have collars and well fed, not strays like I have seen in Greece. So different from home, they would have been rounded up by a dog warden possibly put-down or stolen, we have notices around my neighbourhood warning of dog thieves in the area.