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Oakmoss Lichen (Evernia Pyunastri)

Location: New Forest National Park

Oakmoss lichen which is one of the fruticose lichens is collected for the perfume industry commonly found growing on the branches of oak, pine and other deciduous trees throughout the United Kingdom.

I was really pleased with this lichen found and photographed on the Forest floor, there were many scattered around fallen from high tree branches. The undamaged lichen still looked like it was still growing on the damp ground. Later I found some pine cones and thought it would be a good idea to collect some to arrange around the lichen. Collecting the pine cones was not so easy with my Flat-Coated Retriever thinking it was a game snatching then chewing the best cones. I spent another quarter of an hour looking for the Lichen found earlier in the forest and then framed the lichen with the cones. So was it worth all the effort, well the lichen with pine cones would probably get published or do well in a photo contest I still like the first picture as it looks more natural to me.