Oak Beauty Moth Andy
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Oak Beauty Moth (Biston strataria)

This attractive moth was found in my moth trap as it is readily attracted to light. Moths can be seen on the wing from March till April. Like many moths the male's antennae is wider and feathery than the females which is used locate the females moths pheromones scent. The male moth is frequently seen flying in the daytime probably looking for females. The moth has excellent camouflage as its mottled markings hide it when resting on tree trunks. The caterpillars are well hidden against predators they are stick like with notches which resembles the twigs on the branches from which they feed and rest. From my own observations caterpillars which resemble twigs although brilliantly camouflaged birds like the Tree-creepers I filmed were very successful in finding stick like caterpillars to feed their young. And the caterpillars have no protection against parasitic wasps which attack and inject eggs inside the caterpillars body. The Caterpillars feed on various deciduous trees, especially Oak, Hazel, Elm, Alder, Aspen and Silver Birch.