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New River Rust Rump Tarantula Andy
New River 450w6668 New River 450w6651

Young juvenile 8cm.

New River Rust Rump Tarantula
(Aphonopelma sp)

Young juvenile 8cm.

My reaction when receiving this spider from The Spider Shop was “Wow what a lovely spider” this is a very docile spider to handle, its calm and placid temperament reminds me of the Chile Rose Tarantula. Even returning it to its new home after filming it immediately started to feed when I offered it some crickets. Pictures above show it as a young juvenile about 8cm. It is a beige colour with black femurs and dark feet with long red hairs on the abdomen making it a very handsome tarantula indeed. Looking forward to its next moult, I think this lovely spider will be in my collection for a long time. 

Temp: (24-26C) Humidity: 60 to 70%.  Habitat: Terrestrial  Growth Rate: Unknown.
Origin: New River region in Arizona. Temperament: Calm - Docile. Size: Up to 19cm.
Longevity: Females - Long lived

New River 450w9899

Large Juvenile 10cm

New River 450w9894
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New River Rust Rump Tarantula Button
Rust Rust T100h
New River Rust Rump Tarantula Button