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Highland Cows

New Forest Highland Cow, bull.

Highland Cows

New Forest Highland cattle grazing free.

Dog meets bull.


Piglets wandering free through forest.

In the summer of 2013 I was in the New Forest National Park with my dog, I was about to take some pictures of a pair of mating dragonflies on the edge of a marshy heath when this huge black bull came running out of the bush very fast and skidded to a halt in front of my dog. Rio is a very laid back but crazy (Peter Pan of the dog world) flat coated retriever and also black. I had to collect my camera gear quick by this time my dog was sat and they were both sniffing each others noses almost kissing, It would have made a brilliant and unusual picture but all I was looking at was these two very long and sharp horns either side of my dogs head close to his eyes. I ran up to the huge bull waving my arms and saying don't be a naughty bull be a good bull and go away; the bull just looked at me and probably thought what an idiot. I appeared very brave but really I was  shi****g myself. I was so worried about my dog I was shaking, I put Rio on his lead and made a hasty retreat. I don't think we were in any danger; the bull just wanted us to know it was his territory.

But it was not worth the risk hanging around with a dog. As we left the bull which was a lovely specimen stood proud looking across the heath from a hill, you just new he was boss.