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Mother Shipton Moth Andy

Mother Shipton Moth (Callistege Mi)

This is a day flying moth which I photographed in sunshine at Farley Mount a chalk hill grassland area near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. The moth gets its name from the strange markings on the forewings which is supposed to resemble a famous 16th century witches face from Yorkshire known as Mother Shipton not sure I see it my self but the patterns are quite distinctive. Moths are found from May to July. I photographed this moth on the 15/05/2005.
It flies short distances but very alert and rapid as I found out chasing it across fields just for a few pictures until it new I was not a threat. Wingspan up to 35mm.
Caterpillars feed on a variety of plants including clovers and grasses, they are brown with a cream coloured stripe running down each side