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Mexican Red Rump Tarantula
(Brachypelma Vagans)


 I brought this attractive spider on e-bay advertised as a film pot from a collector trying to get around e-bays silly no livestock rules. Don't they know that us arachnologists look after their spiders? So it was very small when I received it but for a Brachypelma species, it matured very quickly which turned out to be a male. It lives under an artificial plastic hide and has dug a burrow in the substrate and has also covered the top of the hide with the coco husk to camouflage its home. I did not see this spider outside its home much until it was adult. It is a bit skittish and when I tried to pick it up with my hands it did bite me, more of pinch really enough for me to get the message. This spider needs more humid conditions than other Brachypelma species, so I spray water around the substrate in its enclosure most days; now I would use moss.  I decided to keep this spider even though I have had enough pictures as it a lovely spider to own, with its velvet jet black colour and long red hair on its abdomen. Next time I will buy a female. 

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Temp: 24-28C. Humidity: 70%.  Habitat: Terrestrial.  Growth Rate: Fast.

Origin: Mexico

Temperament: Docile and skitish.

Longevity: Females up to 15 years, males 2 years

Size: Up to 13cm.

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Adult Male

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Adult Male

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