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Mexican Red Leg or True Red Leg Tarantula
(Brachypelma Emilia)

Also known as the "Mexican True Red Leg Tarantula” Another beautiful Brachypelma tarantula which I enjoyed keeping and would like to own again and to film on digital as I only have a few transparencies from my early years of keeping tarantulas. This was my second tarantula to own after my first Mexican Red Knee tarantula which it is related. The red leg is a terrestrial species and originates from the semi-desert scrublands of Mexico and Panama. The Red leg is a poplar tarantula in the hobby as it is very calm and docile to handle, so make a nice beginners tarantula. I reared my spiderling to an adult and it never kicked up any urticating hairs at me. It is easily recognizable from its distinctive black triangle on the front of its light beige carapace. With a black abdomen covered in red hairs, black legs with red hairs on its patella and tibia. Making it a very attractive tarantula to have in a collection. Like my Mexican Red Knee I was always excited to see it following a successful moulting as the colours would be so much more vibrant and pronounced. This is a long-lived tarantula females can live up to 25-30 years and males  6-8 years 2 years after reaching maturity. A lovely tarantula to own and easy to keep.

Andy Newman Images©

Adult size: 12-15cm
Temperature  23 to 27oC
Humidity: 65 to 70%
Habitat: Terrestrial.
Growth rate: Slow.
Longevity: Females up to 30 years, males 6-8 years.
Origin: semi-desert scrublands of Mexico and Panama.