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Golden Rump Andy
Golden Red Rump450w5540

3cm Spiderling.

Golden Red Rump450w7791

8cm Juvenile.

Golden Red Rump450w5539

3cm Spiderling.

Golden Red Rump450w7794

8cm Juvenile.

Golden Red Rump450w5541

5cm Spiderling.

Golden Red Rump450w7788

8cm Juvenile.

Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula (Brachypelma Albiceps)

I have reared this lovely tarantula from a very small sling, waiting patiently for it to mature for my photography. Even as a large juvenile it is a very calm spider to hold and usually on display even though it has a retreat provided. So I am hoping it will make a nice display spider when it has matured. It is a popular spider with terrarium enthusiasts although not always available and sells out fast. Like other brachypelma species in my collection, it does not disappoint, becoming more beautiful after each molt. The Carapace is a light golden colour with a black abdomen covered with lovely red hairs and its legs are also black, making it a very attractive spider, looking forward to filming it as an adult.

Andy Newman Images©

Golden Red Rump450h5537

3cm Spiderling.

Origin: Mexico, Savanna Scrublands.

Temperature: 22 to 26C

Humidity: 60 to 75% 

Habitat: Terrestrial. 

 Growth Rate: Medium.

Temperament: Docile and very calm.

Adult size:  11-13cm.

Longevity: Females 15+ Years males up to 12 months after final molt.