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Mexican Fire Leg Andy
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8cm Juvenile

Mexican Fire leg (Brachypelma boehmei)

8cm Juvenile

Another Brachypelma species closely related to the Mexican Red Knee and also listed as an endangered species (CITES, II). It is an easy species to breed so captive bred spider can often be brought from most stockists, producing large egg sacs from 600 to 800 eggs. My spider has taken a long time to grow from a small sling to a juvenile but it has been worth the wait. It is a very lively spider and very exciting at feeding times as it pouncing on its live prey still in my forceps. Even when I am only changing the water it is waiting on top of its log hide waiting to be fed. It is a very attractive spider with bright red legs and carapace, the femur and the tarsis (feet) segments are black. I really like the long red hairs over the black abdomen on my young spider. A beautiful tarantula that will stay in my collection of spiders.

Andy Newman Images©

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Temperature: 25 to 28C

Humidity: 60 to 70% 

Habitat: Terrestrial. 

 Growth Rate: Slow.

Temperament: Skittish/ Docile.

Adult size:  13-15cm.

Longevity: Females 20+ Years. 

Origin: Mexico.


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