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Kefalonia by Andy
Melissani Lake Cave650w3439r

Melissani lake, Kefalonia, Greece.  June 2015

A very interesting lake inside a cave close to Sami, you first walk down a tunnel cut into the mountain side which adds to the excitement and I was not disappointed. When you see how small the rowing boats with people look inside the cave you realise how large the cave is, it is huge with stalactites covered with algae and moss inside.  The hole above the lake is surrounded with a forest, for my website I coloured the sky blue but the frame could be used for a manipulated picture. I was disappointed with my pictures because I was not really prepared with my camera and is was cloudy in the morning,  it would have been nice to see sunshine through the cave which would have showed the turquoise-blue colours of the lake better. We were in and out on the boat quite quickly but it is still worth visiting, there is also a gift shop outside.

The cave measures 36m high, 40m wide and 3.5 m long and the depth of the lake to 30 meters which is a mixture of salt and fresh water.  Later when editing my pictures I did notice a balcony built on top of the cave for tourists to get a spectacular view inside viewed  from the top.

In 1951 and later 1962 excavations were carried out and many artefacts were found the dated back to the 3rd and 4th century BC that were used during the post classical and early Hellenistic periods.