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Tarantulas red Martinique 450w0085

2cm Sling

Martinique 450w4159
Martinique Pinktoe by Andy
Martinique 450w3821

4cm Juvenile

Martinique Pinktoe Tarantula (Avicularia Versicolor)

Also known as the Antilles pinktoe or Martinique red tree spider.

This lovely tarantula is one of the most beautiful species to keep in the hobby. I would recommend buying this spider from a small sling and watch it grow. Its colours start from an iridescent turquoise colour, changing to a bright emerald green carapace with a bright red abdomen and purplish legs as it matures to adult. Even at 4 cm, my young juvenile spider was colourful. I was looking forward to filming my spider as an adult and It did not disappoint. I liked this lovely spider so much I purchased two more for my collection. This spider lives in a strong silken retreat in tree barks in humid forests in the wild. I use moist substrate on the floor and damp moss on top and water the moss using a cooking baster once a week. And it is important that its housing has ventilation. Being an arboreal species these spiders do not spend much time on the floor of their housing so I use a budgie feeder for a water bowl. Which is fixed high with its metal clip.  Good ventilation is also important with tropical arboreal species.

Martinique 450w4095

Young adult




Martinique 450h4122

Temp: 26 to 28c.  Humidity: 75 to 80%.  

Habitat: Arboreal species

Origin: Martinique.

Temperament: Very Docile & Fast.

Size: 12 - 14cm. 

 Growth rate: Medium to fast.

Longevity: Males 3-5 years, Females 10-15 years.

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