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The Beautiful Turtle Beach of Dalyan on the Mediterranean Sea.

"Take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints"

David Bellamy.

And finally the golden sands of Turtle beach sorry but after spending time at the most beautiful beach I have ever seen I definitely would have preferred less time at the carpet factory organised by Thompson. We only had an hour at the beach, there is a lookout tower which I climbed for a better view. It was higher than it looked and I did take some lovely pictures while my wife sunbathed on the beach. The sea was shallow a long way out with many families enjoying the surf and the sea was very warm. The beach is famous as a breeding ground for turtles and is protected from development. Especially after a luxury hotel was going to be built in 1987 at the south end of the beach, after a storm of protests around the world including our David Bellamy, the Turkish government scrapped the project.

Panoramic Landscape.

The famous golden sands of Turtle beach on the Mediterranean sea on the right and the Dalyan river on the left. Pictures taken from a lookout tower on the beach while on holiday in Turkey. Separate pictures stitched together in Photoshop.