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Lulworth Cove 450w3590

Visitors relaxing in front of the Lulworth Cove.


Café at lulworth Cove, car park and the winding clifftop path that leads to Durdle Door a mile away in the background, which is used by around 200,000 walkers each year.

Lullworth Cove by Andy

Couple sketching the lovely landscape view of Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth Cove 450w3585

View from the coastal path showing Lulworth cove, village and  overflow car park.

Lulworth Cove 450w3526

Lulworth cove and and beachside cafe.

Durdle Door450w3537

People walking up the path to Durdle Door with Lulworth cove and village in the background.

The beautiful Lulworth Cove near the village of West Lulworth which is on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, the natural cove was formed some 10,000 years ago. Lulworth is one of my favourite places, after a lovely walk along the coastal path that leads to Durdle Door my family and dog enjoy a picnic back at Lulworth on the downs overlooking the cove and then a walk around the village. It is always worth visiting the Heritage centre and shop which is open every day with free admission, which has very interesting exhibitions and displays showing the history of Lulworth from its famous geology to wildlife and some local history.